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NEWS FLASH!!! Home at Last featuring 12 homes shipped in June but is full of fall decorated homes! It's Christmas Time in the Country and Shades of Autumn are shipping NOW!

Home at Last and the holiday book were intended to be the last two books in the series........ BUT..... I ran out of space in Home at Last for three awesome fall decorated homes so a 'sunset' ending to the series is shipping now and can be shipped with the holiday book to save with shipping costs. I refund through paypal the combined shipping savings as the website and ebay will charge for each shipping separately.

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Available Titles:

The following are available titles which range in price from $10.00 to $25.95. We ship priority flat rate envelope for $6.65. We can fit two books in one envelope and if the website charges you additional shipping costs for multiple books, I will refund the combined shipping overcharge via paypal.

If you don't see the book you are looking for, I would suggest you periodically look on eBay or Amazon as occasionally the out-of-print books are listed for sale.

There are 38 house tour books and 4 garden tour books in the series. Those which are still available will have an 'Add to Cart' button. Others are occasionally found on eBay or Amazon.


It's Christmas Time in the Country -  


It's Christmas Time front cover

Shades of Autumn - Simply Country

3 Fall decorated New England homes! 40 pages


$15.95 (this will ship for no additional cost with any other book)


Home at Last - NEW!!! Shipping NOW! 

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41 Home At Last_72


A Country Christmas

40 A Country Christmas  

Click on the book cover to view sample pages and purchase  $15


Thankful for Changing Seasons - 

39 Thankful for Changing Seasons

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Retail $15


A Country Home in Springtime

 38C A Country Home in Springtime_72  

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Retail $15




A PriPrimercovermer for a Country Dwelling - Retail $15

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Authenticating a Country Dwelling - $15



Simple Greens - Simply Country $10