Pumpkin LED Flicker Lights Fall/Halloween
Two Blackened Votives! One Remote!
3.5" Clip on Remote Battery Tree Candles - NO CORD!!! BOX OF 10 Blackened, cranberry, beeswax, tallow, pumpkin
Shipping NOW!
Two votives! One Remote!
40 page last book! 3 Fall Homes - Shipping Now!
The Adventures of a Coconut Named Burt! Ages 3-8
Robins Egg Blue Tealights! Remotes!

About us

In 2002, my husband Jeff was relocated to Virginia which resulted in a major life-change for us! I retired as a Superintendent of Schools in Connecticut, closed my ten-year old large antique shop in Litchfield and we headed south. It was painful to sell our 1764 Northfield, Connecticut home so as a remedy for soothing a saddened heart and suddenly finding time on my hands, I decided to write the book I had held in my head for twenty-years and which I always knew I would title, Country on a Shoestring! Thus, the "simply country" series was born! When I wrote Country on a Shoestring and wanted to market it to country shops through the largest national trade show, Market Square, I was told I couldn't ‘just sell a book - I had to bring something else.’ I created a blackened wax lamb, took it to Market and came back with orders for 2,000! Suddenly I was producing over sixty pieces of hand-poured primitive wax pieces sold to country shops in the US and Canada, In October 2009, time no longer permitted me to pour fifty pounds of wax a week, do fifteen shows a year and film, write and ship five books a year. I now focus my time and energies on the creation of the "simply country" book series and my latest creation….hand-poured grungy flameless country candles. My ivory colored flameless Luminara pillar candle with a movable wick was terrific but looked out of place in my primitive early home. I began to experiment. After a number of attempts in my basement using the same blackened wax I had once used to pour sheep, I created the first ‘grungy’ country pillar candle. It has a built-in timer and is operable with a remote which is included. The 8” and 6” tapers are also available with a built- in timer. The surfaces include blackened wax, authentic beeswax, authentic tallow and deep cranberry. In my spare time, I enjoy playing golf with my husband Jeff, reading and playing Bridge. I love spending time with my five children and five grandchildren. Utilizing my background as an educational administrator and Connecticut State Assessor of beginning teachers, I am committed to working with teachers on the island of St. Maarten where I volunteer my time when asked by offering workshops on instructional practices and classroom management techniques hoping to make a small difference in increased learning opportunities for the children on the island.

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